Our Mission

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Our Mission

Lions Vision Services exists to empower the under-served blind and visually-impaired in South Carolina to live safe, meaningful, and fulfilling lives.

Our Vision

We envision a vibrant community in which preventable blindness is eliminated, the blind and visually impaired have the resources necessary to live fulfilling lives, and public perception recognizes the potential and dignity of every blind and visually impaired person.

Our Future

What began in 1969 as an effort by the Lions of South Carolina to take collective action that would enable more service to those in the blind and visually impaired community who lacked the financial means to secure adequate medical care has become a regional force for sight conservation.

Our Values

We provide attentive and personalized customer service to donors and clients alike, seeking to understand and share the experiences each customer brings with a positive and humble demeanor.

We prioritize resilient, inclusive, collaborative, and fun communities in every aspect of our work with a commitment to building teams that are sought after and trusted by others.

We commit to growing our social, moral, intellectual, relational, and financial capital to increase our impact through hard work, fortitude, and data driven passion that is never satisfied with the status quo.

We are accountable to all of our stakeholders and to our society at large in the fulfillment of our mission, emphasizing transparency, integrity, and open communication.

We uphold a love of learning in everything we do, recognizing our need for continuous improvement, valuing wisdom, and celebrating initiative in maintaining a creative, forward-thinking culture.

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