Executive Committee
Jay Odell, Chair
Jim Barbare
Rhett Hair
Marcus Hunter
Helen McFadden
Linda Rumsey
Staff: Daniel Prohaska

Personnel and Governance Committee
Rhett Hair, Chair
Spencer Hill**
Helen McFadden
Les Taylor**
Gregg Turner*
Staff: Daniel Prohaska

Development and Stewardship Committee
Jay Odell, Chair
Jim Barbare
Ann Akerman Beard*
Kim Bowman*
Cassandra Henry Burns*
Jay McClary
Linda Rumsey
Staff: Daniel Prohaska, Mary Summers

Finance and Investment Committee
Marcus Hunter, Chair
Randy Culbertson**
Shaw Drummond
Joe Dusenbury*
Valerie Lightfoot
Anthony Mole*
Staff: Daniel Prohaska, Terry Bass

Programs and Events Committee
Dr. Mary Sedgwick, Chair
Tony Bell
Janice Gamble*
Paola Guitérrez*
Hope MacBride*
Nick McLane, MD
Carolina Perez*
Ray Williams
Staff: Winn Fitzgerald

Santee Blind Fishing Event Committee
Jay McClary, Chair
Joe McNeil*


* indicates non-Board community member
**indicates past LVS Board member

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