Eyeglasses Assistance Program

A basic pair of single or lined bifocal eyeglasses is provided for individuals who meet a financial criteria of 200% of Federal Poverty Level, and are un- or under-insured. Lions Vision Services will pay for the costs of the eye exam and glasses.

Simple Solutions

Often minor intervention can slow or even stop vision loss, including accurate prescription eyeglasses. 91 million children have a vision impairment but do not have access to the eye care services they need. Glasses can reduce the odds of failing a class by 44%. Children with vision loss are 2-5 times less likely to be in formal education in low- and middle-income countries. Providing glasses can increase workplace productivity by 22%.

LVS Eyeglasses Assistance

The LVS Affordable Eyeglasses Program provides eye exams and eyeglasses to residents with a demonstrable financial need and no other resources, public or private, to pay for these services. LVS will provide a basic pair of single or lined bifocal lenses at no cost to the client. This program does not support special requests including upgrades such as tinted, progressive, or transition lenses. Clients will be referred to a local optometrist if they have not already established a provider to ensure an accurate prescription.

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The LVS Eyeglasses Program currently operates in Calhoun, Edgefield, and Marlboro Counties.

Clients will be required to fill out a financial application to be considered for assistance. An application will be sent upon request. The applicant most complete the application and provide proof of income and expenses for the entire household and should provide a copy of their current prescription if applicable. Due to funding limitations there may be a waiting period before services can be provided is approved. The applicant will be contacted if additional information is needed.

The applicant will be notified within 10 business days from the receipt of the application. If approved, the applicant will be referred to a local optometrist if they have not already established a provider. Services should be rendered within 60 days of approval. Lions Vision Services will be billed directly and invoices will be paid within 15 business days.

This program currently operates in Calhoun, Edgefield, and Marlboro Counties where there is no active Lions Club to assist with procuring eyeglasses, and in counties where local funding supports this service. Inquiries from residents in areas not currently supported by this program will be referred to the nearest Lions Club for assistance.

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