Linda Etheredge

At 50 + years old I decided to go back to school to further my education in nursing. Over the years, I had made some mistakes, made some bad choices, but never did I lose my desire to excel. So here I am sitting in classrooms with fellow students young enough to be my children. I’m moving a bit slower, seeing a lot less, though looking quite a bit harder, but determined not to give up.

I needed cataract surgery. But with no insurance and no money to pay for the surgery, it didn’t seem that was going to happen. I didn’t lose Faith because I knew God has brought me through the storm time and time again. And once again he called in his angels. I had reached out to and was contacted by the Lions Vision Services. They paid for my cataract surgery on both eyes.

So yes, I’m still sitting in classrooms with fellow students young enough to be my children. My movements may still be a bit slower than theirs, but best believe, I can see them better. I want to say thank you to the Lions, God’s angels. I’m ever so grateful for what you’ve done for me. Thank you for letting me “see” my way as I’m shooting for the moon. And if by chance, I should miss it head on, at least I know I will dwell among the Stars. I love you and thank you.

Brian Dressler

I just wanted to write a few lines and tell you how thankful I am for your help and all those that donate and work for the Lions Vision Services.

Thank you so much for paying for my three surgeries. It kept my left eye from going blind. Also my left eye was 20/2200 and now is corrected to 20/60. My right eye was 20/1200 and now it is corrected to better than 20/15!!

I’m a person who since birth could only see clearly 6 inches in front of my face… everything past 6 inches was at blur… and I had to use what they call “Coke bottle” lenses all of my life.

It’s truly a miracle that I can see without glasses. I only use regular reading glasses off the shelf from the drugstore to read the fine print ….everything else is crystal clear.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can never thank you guys enough. You have truly given me the gift of sight. Thank God for using your organization.

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