Columbia, SC – Lions Vision Services was recently awarded a $20,000 Capacity Strengthening grant from UnitedHealthcare for the organization’s Catalyst Campaign, a 2-year capacity building campaign designed to strengthen LVS’s ability to address the growing demand for vision and eye healthcare services.unitedhealthcare

This grant will expand LVS’s flagship Eye Surgery Program – which remains the most comprehensive and inclusive program of its kind in South Carolina – as well as the Vision Technology Program. Grant funds will also support evaluation and measurement activities across a range of LVS operations, including the organization’s shift to a Results Based Accountability (RBA) framework of reporting and the use of an annual County Needs Assessment for Vision and Eye Health in South Carolina.

The RBA framework allows LVS to focus on the desired end state of its program service delivery, which is the eradication of blindness in poverty and access to vision and eye health services for all South Carolinians. Rather than relying on population level data to demonstrate the need and impact of LVS programs, a shift to RBA reporting creates client population data which establishes performance accountability for LVS staff. An increased emphasis is placed on the effect and quality of services, not just the quantity of services. UnitedHealthcare funding is equipping LVS to make a permanent shift to an RBA framework for its operations.

Another vital component of this capacity building initiative is the creation and maintenance of relevant, local county level data on the alignment of need and accessibility for LVS to strategically expand its services into the most vulnerable segments of South Carolina’s population. An annual County Needs Assessment for Vision and Eye Health in South Carolina would be the first of its kind research initiative designed to translate data into actionable priorities for LVS and other peer organizations serving the blind and visually impaired.

UnitedHealthcare believes the healthcare system will be stronger and more equitable when all people can participate and access health care that is affordable and meets their unique needs. By investing further in UnitedHealthcare Empowering Health grant partners, Capacity Strengthening grants will bolster organizations that have proven success expanding access to care and addressing social determinants of health in their communities.

“UnitedHealthcare’s Capacity Strengthening grant comes at an exciting and ideal time for Lions Vision Services to leverage this gift by strengthening the unique skills, resources, and abilities that allow our organization and its employees to thrive,” said LVS President & CEO, Daniel Prohaska. “We are grateful for the opportunity to build on our relationship with UnitedHealthcare in a way that systemically improves our ability to serve the blind and visually impaired and increase access to quality eyecare for all South Carolinians.”

Vision and eye health sit at a pivotal intersection of social determinants of health, making it an essential component of our quality of life, safety, economic security, and general health and well-being. UnitedHealthcare’s grant and Lions Vision Service’s campaign combine to scale effective solutions for eradicating blindness in poverty and empowering the blind and visually impaired.

Individuals needing assistance with obtaining vision and eye health services can call (803) 796-1304 or email


Lions Vision Services (LVS) was created by the Lions Clubs of South Carolina in 1969 and exists today to empower the under-served blind and visually impaired in South Carolina to live safe, meaningful, and fulfilling lives. LVS offers a range of programs and services to low-income South Carolina residents who apply for need-based financial assistance with obtaining affordable eye surgeries, vision technology, vision screenings, and hearing aids. To learn more about LVS’s services, visit

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