Lions Vision Services empowers the blind and visually impaired to live safe, meaningful, and fulfilling lives. Our Board of Directors relies on several committees of volunteer community members to review LVS programs, operations, finances, fund raising, and governance to ensure we achieve our mission and increase our impact.


We invite you to become a committee member…

LVS is looking for volunteers to serve on our Board committees. Committee members review reports from staff on programs, fund raising, and finances; discuss topics of strategic significance to the committee’s mission; make recommendations to the Board of Directors; and share ideas with staff and fellow committee members. These committees typically meet via Zoom once a quarter for roughly 1-2 hours. Some prep time is required to get ready for meetings by reading materials.


  • Lived experience in South Carolina.
  • An interest in learning more about eye health.
  • Time to engage in the process, and access to internet.
  • Some committees or programs may have additional criteria, depending on their scale or focus.

If you’re interested in joining one of our existing committees, or just want to contact us to learn more about the opportunity, fill out our Volunteer Interest Form to get started.

For questions, please contact Daniel Prohaska at (803) 796-1305.

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