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August is National Make-A-Will Month, so we thought it would be the perfect time to share a story from the Eclipse Society along with some resources for your own estate plans.

PDG Dr. Louis and Miriam Drucker were the very first Founding Members of The Eclipse Society at LVS, a group of visionary thinkers and planners working with us to address the growing vision health issues in our state by making a gift to LVS through their estate.

Miriam and Louis recently shared their perspective with us in a short interview.

What kind of legacy do you want to leave for the future?

Louis – I would hope that my Lions career would be remembered as a major part of my life, and that it might influence someone younger. I know that I always admired how Dr. Franklin Mason could find such a harmony or balance in his life between dentistry, family, Lions, religion, and a healthy lifestyle.

Miriam – I would like people to realize the importance of family and to instill in them the value of compassion.

How easy, or difficult, was it to create your estate plan?

The hard part is starting it. Making up your mind that today is the day that I am finally going to do it. The easy part is completing it. You know that everyone needs an estate plan, but it is something that just keeps getting procrastinated. There are multiple sources available to help you go through the process, including LVS itself.

Why did you decide to include LVS in your estate?

Louis – LVS is my conduit to helping others. I needed an organization like LVS to already have the groundwork positioned so that all that I had to do was complete the paperwork. All the infrastructure needed to help other South Carolinians has already been completed by LVS.

Miriam – Initially, it was to support Louis and his involvement in Lions Club. Then I realized what a huge difference LVS was making in peoples’ lives. LVS is able to reach out to so many people and give them the amazing gift of sight.

What would you say to someone who is considering a gift to LVS in their estate?

Louis – To a Lion I would say other than your children, what has been one of the biggest influences in your life? What about Lionism? Something that has been a part of your family’s life for many decades. Now that your life is coming to an earthly end, what better way to carry on your legacy than a contribution of a percentage of your estate? Even if it is just 1%, think of how much that can help.

Miriam – Imagine being able to help save someone’s vision. How rewarding! Every contribution large or small helps.

Are you ready to begin your legacy journey?

The creation of our own, personalized plan is a conversation about what we want (and need!) to do for those we love, and what we hope to accomplish in the way of passing our values to next generations and demonstrating those values not only in word, but in deed.

LVS partners with Thompson & Associates to offer value-based estate planning services to LVS donors to do just that. Beth Wingard is LVS’s Associate.

Whatever your personal situation, charitable interests, or prior planning, this estate planning process can help you. Speak with our CEO today about getting involved in this process. These services are provided at no cost to you, and the initial consultation is a virtual meeting that can easily fit into your schedule.

Will you resolve to take time this month to review or start your estate plans by calling LVS to meet with our Thompson & Associates partners?

estate planning; Will; make a Will month, Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, Lions Vision Services

Meet Beth Wingard, LVS’s Associate for Estate Planning.

Beth finds great joy in genuine connection and relationship with nonprofits and their supporters. She has a natural gift for forging meaningful relationships and building value in her service to others.

Still on the fence?

One-third of all American adults have a will, and that number is growing every day. Here are 3 reasons to consider a Will:

1.) It’s an important legal document that everyone should have.

2.) It provides peace of mind to you and your family.

3.) It lets you create a legacy that lasts beyond your lifetime.

If you’re ready to get started, contact LVS today and let our staff work with you to craft the legacy you want to leave for generations to come.

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Already have a Will?

If you have already included LVS in your Will or Estate Plans and are ready to join PDG Louis and Miriam Drucker in The Eclipse Society, let us know!

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